Tracie Talerico's Basic Webpage

This is the first webpage I have ever created! I am very excited and proud of myself for having accomplished it! As I begin to think of my final website, here are some potential possibilities:


Technology in the Classroom

My first consideration for a website is related to using technology in the classroom. Having worked in several different school districts with different technology initiatives, I would like to possibly create a website that focuses on how to best integrate technology in the classroom. I hope my website will serve the following purposes:

  1. Showcase meaningful ways teachers can utilize technology in the classroom
  2. Support teachers who are looking to create more project-based learning


ELA Best Practices

Being a high school English teacher, I am always searching for Best Practices in teaching English Language Arts. I am really interested in creating a website that collects effective teaching strategies from reliable sources, such as from the Beaverton School District. Beaverton School District states:

By reading a variety of informational and literary texts on the same subject and synthesizing the information, students engage in reading practices that give them the background to be better readers in all content areas.

My goal with this website would be to find resources, similar to the one presented here with Beaverton School District, that can be utilized in the classroom by ELA teachers from elementary through high school.