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The purpose of this website is to provide multiple resources and best practices for High School English Language Arts teachers, specifically regarding integrating technology in meangingful and productive ways. As a high school English teacher myself, I know it can be a challenge to discover or invent interesting and purposeful ways to utilize technology in an English classroom, beyond writing and reasearching essays. My website will provide teachers with standards-based ideas and practices that teachers can use in the classroom right away.


The target audience of this group is High School English teachers, however many of the instructional practices, projects, and strategies included in this website can be modified and adapted to fit the needs of middle school and even elementary school classrooms. Also, the activities presented can be used with a variety of learning styles and acadmemic abilities, including but not limited to special education students, average students, and advanced students. Most importantly, the information and strategies included in this website are not only for the "tech-savvy" teachers, but also for the teachers who may feel technologically-challenged.

Needs Assessment:

I interviewed five fellow English teachers at my school; all who vary their use of technology in the classroom. After asking them the same four questions, the following are the questions and the overall synopsis of their responses:

  1. What is your perspective when it comes to technology in the classroom?

    Two teachers responded that they feel technology can be very effective in engaging students in the classroom when used correctly, but they admitted to not really knowing how to use it all that effectively. Two other teachers felt that technology in an English classroom is really limited to typing and researching for essays, especially since ELA teachers are already over-whelmed with having to teach such a large variety of standards. Lastly, one teacher feels that technology is nothing more than a distraction in the classroom and really doesn't have much of a place in an academic setting, especially when it comes to teaching English.

  2. How do you currently utilize technology in the classroom?

    Most teachers currently only have their students use technology to research for essays, and then they use the same technology to type the essays. Two out of the five teachers surveyed said they have their students submit work online from time to time, using websites such as Google Classroom or Google Docs; however, beyond these few instances, all the interviewed teachers rarely utilize technology in any other method to supplement their curriculum.

  3. What are your biggest struggles when incorporating technology in the classroom?

    All five interviewed teachers emphatically stated that their biggest struggles were thinking of meaningful ways to use technology in the classroom in new and innovative ways, as well as making sure students stayed on task while being given the technology devices to use in the classroom.

  4. What would you like to have included in my website regarding ELA and technology?

    Three out of five teachers said they would like to have practical projects, activities, and concrete ideas they can read and apply in their classrooms right away. The other two teachers said they would like to learn more about ways in which technology can enhance students' learning from a more global/holistic perspective.

Reference Websites:


After interviewing my fellow English teachers, I have chosen to include the following content pages:

Presentation of Information/Rationale for Organization:

The purpose of this website is to address the common concerns and issues raised by ELA teachers about effectively using technology. Each subsequent page will focus on a specific concern and provide useful information for teachers to utilize in the classroom or to consider in their instructional strategies. Being that a chief concern raised by teachers is that they don't have much time to spend learning new programs or software, I believe my website would benefit from including as many videos and visuals as possible. The hope is that teachers will be able to access and digest the information quickly and easily. As a result, my presentation of the information will include the following:

The following details the content of the supplementary pages:


I plan on utilizing several images and videos found on the Internet, and giving appropriate credit by citing sources within the body of my text by specific name when possible and/or linking directly to external websites, or creating a citaion in the footer of the specific page they are located. When it comes to images, I will only search for images that are specifically labeled for reuse. As stated earlier, many teachers have spoken to me about the value of their time, and I believe watching a short video or perusing over an image will have greater buy-in when compared to reading lots of text overall.

Color Scheme and Rationale:

I want my webpage to be clean and visually appealing, and there really aren't any colors especially associated with teaching. However, my current school colors black and gold. So, in honor of my school, I would like to highlight the colors black and gold. My overall background will be white, but my banner will be gold and my text will be black. Other colors I will use to compliment my black and gold colors will be burgandy and royal blue, but these colors will be used sparingly and mainly for accent.

royal blue

Outline of Website Organization:

The following is an outline of the possible organiztion regarding content and information for my website:

Wireframe Layout:

Here is my wireframe layout.