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Best Practices

After teaching with a variety of teachers, who all possess different levels of comfort and knowledge when it comes to integrating technology in the classroom, more often than not, the number one question I am asked is: What am I supposed to really do with it? ("It" being the technology or technology device.) So many times teachers have told me how they are frustrated with feeling like they are policing their students, rather than teaching them whenever technology is being used.

As a result, I have discovered some Best Practices, specifically from The Teaching Channel Website, which is an amazing website with a plethora of great resources for all grade levels and subject areas.

This first video is on how to use technology to assess learning:

This second video is on how to use technology to boost students' confidence:

This third video is on how to make learning more personalized and customizable:

This last video is from a TED talk by teacher Joe Ruhl, and it is about teaching methods to inspire students of the future:


SAMR and TPACK are both models designed to help educators integrate technology in the classroom in meaningful and intentional ways. Kathy Schrock's website includes a thorough and detailed explanation of the SAMR model, while also aligning this model with Bloom's Taxonomy. Similarly, the Common Sense Media website includes an introductory video explaining the TPACK model. Both of these models are extremely effective and practical strategies when incorporating technology in the classroom.