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The Genius Hour

Google has been touted as an innovative company, and one of their innovations has been their 20% time for employees, where employees are given 20% of their work time to pursue outside projects of their required work that they are passionate about and intrinsically motivtated by. After the enormous success of this 20% policy, educators have began to think about how they can integrate this same practice into their classrooms. Many educators are now allotting time within their curriculum for students to explore research and ideas based upon their own interest. They are calling this practice The Genius Hour. The following video is an introductory video about the Genius Hour by Big Brain Academy:

The Genius Hour has seemed to become an innoative and successful way to engage students to become instrinsic and motivated learners. No matter the grade level, students of all ages appear to respond well to being given choice and autonomy when it comes to their won learning.


Another great innovation sweeping acrosee classrooms are makerspaces. Below is an introductory video from The Maker Education Initiative: